union busting
Union Busting?

Union-busting is a practice that is undertaken by an employer or their agents to prevent employees from joining a labor union, or to disempower, subvert, or destroy unions that already exist.

Union busting is a field populated by bullies and built on deceit. A campaign against a union is an assault on individuals and a war on truth. As such, it is a war without honor. The only way to bust a union is to lie, distort, manipulate, threaten, and always, always attack.

Martin Jay Levitt, 1993, Confessions of a Union Buster
The Purpose of this website is to inform and educate WORKERS and Union Organizers about what to expect from management in regards to Union Busting  Terrorist Tactics used during union campaigns by management and their consultants in their attempt to defeat their employees from forming a union.

Your right to form or join a union is protected under U.S. Federal Law. Specifically, Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) states:  
  “Employees shall have the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their own  choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid and protection.”  - Please Note: Your Section 7 Rights only apply if you and your
co-workers can withstand the "Psychological Warfare" you are going to experience by management and their  Anti-Union-Busting attorneys, consultants and persuaders over the next 42 days preceding your Union election.

Psychological Warfare Defined: "The planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups (UNION SUPPORTERS) in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives." ( The Company ).

union busting
union busting
union busting
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union busting

New Report Finds Increase in Union Busting Tactics
May 22, 2009

An increasing number of private sector employers are adopting union-busting tactics that include coercion, intimidation, and retaliation to discourage workers from forming union, according to a new report by American Rights at Work and the Economic Policy Institute that analyses data of employer behavior during union elections from 1999 to 2003.

During this period, employers threatened to fire workers 57 percent of the time, compared to 29 percent during the mid-1980s, and actually fired employees 29 percent of the time, up from 18 percent in the mid-1980s. Employers also threatened to cut wages and benefits 47 percent of the time to delay elections. 

In addition, 60 percent of employers compelled their workers to attend one-on-one sessions with supervisors, where workers are often harassed because of their involvement in union campaigns.

Immigrant workers are particularly vulnerable to union busting. In about half of all the cases studied where a majority of the workers were undocumented immigrants, employers threatened to notify Immigration Customs and Enforcement of their status.  Employers used this threat in 41 percent of cases with recent legal immigrants as well.

To help strengthen the right to organize, the report says, Congress should pass the Employee Free Choice Act, which requires employers to recognize a union once a majority of workers sign a card authorizing its creation and imposes stiff penalties and fines for employers that repeatedly violate the law.  The Employee Free Choice Act is currently pending in Congress.

No Holds Barred—The Intensification of Employer Opposition to Organizing
By Kate Bronfenbrenner
May 20, 2009

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For over 30 years I have been a Proud Union Organizer working for many Unions which is one of the toughest jobs in the labor movement.
Having been a second generation trade unionist, I continue the fight each day helping workers Unionize for the Benefits of Achieving a Better Standard of Living, Higher Wages, Better Benefits, Better Working Conditions, a Voice on the Job and RESPECT!
Based on a Proven Track Record my Labor Organization SPFPA has been listed by BNA as one of the TOP 15 Most Active Organizng Unions in the United States Today with a Success rate as being listed in the TOP 5. A Record I'm Very Proud Of.
I hope this UNION BUSTING 101 Website will help other Union Organizers and Workers achieve insight as to what really takes place in the minds of UNION BUSTERS and How to Beat Them ALL at Their Own Game.
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union buster
union buster
union buster
union buster
union buster
union buster
union busting

union busting

  On December 8, 2009 a hearing was conducted at hearing officer at the National Labor Relations Board in Pittsburgh at   
  which time evidence was presented by an employee of Rivers Casino that she and other Rivers Casino employees were   
  in fact Threatened with the Loss of her job by Rivers Casino if she and others should vote for UNION Representation.

  We expect based on her testimony and the testimony of Rivers Casino Management Directors who we feel admitted that
  they violated the Section 7 Rights of the Casino Security Professionals working at Rivers Casino, that a decision in favor
  of the UNION will be confirmed an a re-run election so ordered by the National Labor Relations Board.

Below are Some of The UNION-BUSTING Material Jackson Lewis Used During This UNION-BUSTING Campaign.

Please Note:  The Information Used in This UNION-BUSTING Campaign is Propaganda and May NOT Be Factual   or have ANY Truthfulness at All. Some of it is Outright Lies !

  BEWARE of UNION - BUSTING Tactics and Propaganda and Remember It Is NOT Against The Law for  
  Management to Distort Facts or Information Just Like They Did During This UNION - BUSTING Campaign!


union busting
union busting
Terrence J. Lanni Chairman and CEO of MGM Mirage had a similar fate as Ed Fasulo by stepping down as Chairman and CEO of MGM Mirage shortly after a six month UNION BUSTING Campaign against SPFPA at several of their casinos.

This Campaign is still in litigation at the National Labor Relations Board
Ed Fasulo President and COO Suddenly Announced His Retirement from  Rivers Casino at the end of the year after the UNION Enlists homeless to Picket Rivers Casino.

I Guess You Can Say Ed Fasulo Will Soon Know What it will be like to Be Homeless!
We also have been told that Three (3) Vice Presidents have Also Announced Their Retirement.

A Look at the Union-Busting Tactics used by Rivers Casino and their attorney James A. Prozzi of the Union Busting Law firm of Jackson  Lewis. Meadows Racetrack and Casino has now hired James A. Prozzi law firm to run their Union-Busting Campaign.

union busting
Union busting Confidential
To keep out organized labor, you need the union-busting law firm Jackson Lewis